So, I have to stop doing anything else and have a look at what's going on at fucking MIT, because I have a dick and a beard, and I'm part of the GNU project, and I have supported and invited Stallman.

It came to my ears that rms is supportive of the old MIT wrecks who have systematized raping little girls.

In other words: I'm suspending everything until I get a hold on what's going on, and what I'm going to do next -- that would mean leaving the GNU project at least.

Here's more

I'm coming through all this because of the current upheaval regarding . I have known of other accusations of sexism towards rms, but had not really looked into it before, even if I had known about Heather Marsh's work on death-eaters. (See last toots of @natacha on )

I did not look into these accusations earlier because I thought it's the doom of known people to receive such attention. But now that I look into it, ...



... I simply must recognize that my politics and rms' politics are incompatible, although reading Stallman's political notes would usually not show it.

I understand now why there's not more support within the free software community to the GNU project. I'm even doubtful, after reading of all these quotes, that rms was a stranger to what happened at MIT during all these years.

I'll be sending him a letter to resign from the GNU project.

@natacha @ruebezahl

Here is the resignation letter I sent to Richard M. Stallman and the GNU project today.

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