I'm reading the OCAPPUB paper by @cwebber in preparation of the . It's very interesting, and I highly recommend implementors to read and share it.

@how @cwebber looking forward to when that section of "Mapping this to ActivityPub" gets written. :P

@hellekin @Christopher Lemmer Webber @Marius Orcsik

> looking forward to when

Agreed. I'm more than a little bit disturbed that so much effort was spent selling the concept and then we were left high and dry with no workable specification when we were ready to roll up our sleeves and put it into action. This mirrors the experience many people described with regard to the AP spec itself.

@indio would you like to rephrase that in a less obnoxious manner?

@indio @mariusor @how that merely happened because I had to prep for apconf and rwot :P

@hellekin @Christopher Lemmer Webber @Marius Orcsik

I apologize if you consider my viewpoint as obnoxious. I implemented bearcaps. What I want to implement is comment permissions since the project I'm working on already has these using a different protocol. It is obvious that there will be issues with the sharedInbox, as there is nothing in the spec to differentiate where to send a post or a follow activity vs. where to send a followup comment. I could make up something (a replyTo property was suggested elsewhere) , but Pleroma and Mastodon will probably make up something different and we won't be able to interact. I was hoping for a little more guidance because I'm told that collaborating with Eugen and Kaniini can be difficult, and they only barely seem to be able to collaborate with each other.
@hellekin @Christopher Lemmer Webber @Marius Orcsik Correction - I meant the regular inbox. The sharedInbox has a different set of problems.

@indio @mariusor @how I don't take any offense, I'm just trying to explain... if you see how much output I've produced in the last couple of months, hopefully that can clarify why OcapPub isn't finished. The conferences forced me to pivot at that time to getting Datashards in shape for the conferences and preparing my keynote and other such things. Hectic couple of months.

I want to finish OcapPub. I know how all the remaining sections end, I just need to find a day to complete it.

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