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This year's hot topics at :

Local Organization -- How can (digital) technologies help people and groups organize on a local scale?

Interoperability & Power Relations -- What is the balance of power relations between greedy corporations and social movements in the context of interoperabilty?

Collective Data Sovereignty -- We are social beings, we need social technologies.

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Free Software Under Attack

We won't let them crash our party.

A call for decentralizing collective technology production out of the co-opted community spaces.

Boost, sign, criticize.

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Did you know the Internet is not only for cats?

The Gazette (SHG) is an attempt to provide a newsletter for all people interested in .

This initial commit covers three main topics: community norms, software implementations and pending tasks. It also points to current discussion that may be of interest to the larger .

Oh, and it also points to the upcoming meeting next Saturday.

John Conway (1937-2020), besteren artean Biziaren Jokoaren asmatzailea.
XKCD-ren omenaldi polita:

Dans ce contexte actuel anxiogène, l’actualité économique et financière n’est pas simple à décrypter. Par ailleurs, et ce qui motive cette proposition de réunion avant tout, il n’est pas évident de s’organiser pour penser ensemble la résistance face au puissant désir capitaliste de voir la machine économique reprendre de plus belle, quel qu’en soit le prix.

Dialogue avec Aline Fares , auteure des Chroniques d’une ex-banquière
Jeudi 23 à 14h00


Prendre soin du monde

Au delà de l'urgence, un espace anticapitaliste dédié à la conversation; au soin,
- de notre pensée,
- de nos imaginaires,
- de nos conceptions du monde,
- de nos réseau affinitaires,
Pour ouvrir un chemin vers la possibilité d'envisager un au delà dans d'autres conditions .

Currently, there are two large problems in IT:
- hospital networks security
- workable videoconferencing for more than 8 people

Remember the time when we thought cache invalidation is hard? Quaint.

Help, Solidarity, Information :

Now that the moderation part gets calmer and also our bots helped a bit, some FAQ answered :

* Is it Open Source? *
Yes, it uses
and sources for the page will go to
But currently uses a hosted ushahidi tmp. for free

* Is it related to redaktor? *
Not really, just two people who commit for at least 90 days, then it will go to selfhosted.

* Suggestions? * Here…

How can BBC (and so many others) justify that more than 80 cookies are "strictly necessary" (and thus not 'opt-outable') to view their web sites?

Can I say ?

Freedom of the Press is not an option, but a requirement to fight authoritarian regimes.

Free Software Under Attack

We won't let them crash our party.

A call for decentralizing collective technology production out of the co-opted community spaces.

Boost, sign, criticize.


OFFDEM was a really nice experience, during wich we thought it would be a good idea to to draft a short manifesto vouching for decentralized free of GMAFIA events.
We tried to propose a basis as simple friendly and positive as
possible, and we would like this to be a shared process so it would be amazing if others could comment critic or contribute to the draft, here below.

Source est en root libre sur le 92.1 FM sur Bruxelles, jusque 15h...

Et en webradio jusque dimmanche 22h à l'adresse


Stay tuned !


Here's one of the exclusive designs you may print on your tee-shirt, or other fabric at OFFDEM this week-end.

Thanks to Manu from the Hashet collective!

Bring your clothes to

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