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February 1st-2nd 2020

An intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production.

Happy 20 years to @fosdem!

We're going to offload some devrooms and bring together hackers and activists.

sur Radio Panik (105.4 MHz) demain à 19h.

L'émission « La voix sans frontières » recevra l'équipe de l'OFFDEM à 19:00 sur Radio Panik le 28 janvier 2020.

Retrouvez les annonces et la couverture médiatique du festival :

Source is joyfull to be present at #VSP to build an extra muros 48 h long broadcast studio.
Our mic will be kept opened for travelers, inhabitants, migrants, minorities, and ultra GNU communities joinning RadiOFFDEM !
And CC-BY-SA zik&doc..
Our stream should start on saturday 1/2 at 11am till sunday 2/2 at 10pm.

Call for Couches

Thank you to distribute this call for couches! We need more comfortable couches to install at OFFDEM to provide a nice chill out space.

Please coordinate at

Boosts appreciated. <3


We'll have a bar open with beers in support of the migrants and undocumented citizens. Good beer, in a really nice space.

We prepared a white paper for the #EuropeanCommission containing recommendations about #OpenHardware as encouraged last November:

Please discuss it or endorse it by replying to this thread.
The paper will be delivered on January 31.

A first draft was shared in December with:

* @aprilorg
* @fsfe
* @fsf
* Aral Balkan @aral
* @waag
* @conservancy


Jeu Vide-a

This collective has been exploring the feminist and intersectional possibilities of by learning @godotengine, developing a reflection on contemporary languages of video games from a feminist perspective.


Ask Tor Anything: the Tor project will get your questions about The Onion Router, how it works, what you can -- and cannot -- do with it, and anything you have on yout mind regarding this critical privacy tool.


RAP Room (Remember African Politics) will introduce graphical and performative expression about why migrants left Africa.

@edri published , a guide for ethical website development and maintenance. It has been a huge collective work for more than a year by a bunch of wonderful contributors.

You can find the PDF version here:

EDRi wrote a blogpost about it in the EDRigram newsletter:


February 1st-2nd 2020

An intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production.

Happy 20 years to @fosdem!

We're going to offload some devrooms and bring together hackers and activists.

presentations have great titles... Server Infrastructure for Global Rebellion, Reducing Carbon in the Digital Realm, Framing Digital Industry Into Planetary Limits and Transition Policies...

But until I watched Ignifugo talking about Infrastructure in a Horizontal Farmers Community, I had only watched white males boasting scientific facts coming from top-3 search engine results and making TWD plans on stage with such humility.

She comes up and bam: concrete, hands-on, mutual aid hacking

Annonce de comme espace de collaboration

Les Petites Singularités proposent de prendre en charge des outils qui facilitent un processus de dialogue et d'interférences constructives entre les personnes engagées dans le développement d'outils, de lieux, de méthodologies, de praxis libres.


Annonce de comme espace de collaboration

@Framasoft outille la société de contribution, et les Petites Singularités peuvent en structurer l'espace de collaboration, créant des synergies tout en allégeant la charge de travail de nos alliés.


Announcing as a space for collaboration

@Framasoft is tooling the society of contribution, and Petites Singularités (@ps) can structure the space for collaboration, creating synergies while reducing the workload for our allies.

Petites Singularités proposes to support tools that facilitate a process of dialogue and constructive interference between people involved in the development of free tools, places, methodologies, and praxis.

Code is Politics.
With freedom comes responsibility.
All actions happen in situation.
Don't say 'bottom-up', say topless.

When in doubt: fork!

This is software freedom, our way.

Technical advisory: sensible content.

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