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De retour d'une tournée des librairies, nous préparons la résidence

2022 « PLEASE Synchronize »

Nous pouvons encore accueillir quelques personnes .

Trans · Hack · .X.stance - du 10 au 20 juillet à Ozaraine

Pænser Ensemble / Daring Together

2022 « PLEASE Synchronize »

Trans · Hack · .X.stance - From July 10 to 20 in Ozaraine

Speculative Fiction to Embrace Resistance Networks.

- Software Syndicalism(s)
- From Speculative Cannibalisms to Commensality

Pænser Ensemble / Daring Together

Coming back on the O₂FFDEM.

Thank you all who participated! It was awesome. See you next year for OFFDEM O₃. In the meantime, keep the conversation going, and the social movements strong.

And listen to La Voix Sans Frontières on Radio Panik, right now, from 19h to 20h. ->

Happy !

is over since over a week now. In the coming days we'll be coming back on what we discussed during the Oxygen gathering in Brussels.

Stay tuned!

P.S.: if you received a QueeR key to OFFDEM 0x03, remember it's only valid until the end of March!

Our open call to feminist and queer peers out there:
We invite artists and art collectives who are intersectional with our identity politics to upload their videos during a residency or curate events/content on our peertube instance, a video streaming/archiving platform.

>> deadline: 20 March
>> confirmation: end of march
>> timeline of events/residency: april/may

More details about what and how:

#OFFDEM AMA -- Vegan Food! 

Some of us do not eat meat. Some of us do not eat junk food.

food offers the best compromise for a week-end of sane, nourishing, and tasty food, as we've been offering at previous OFFDEM events. Because sitting in front of a computer is hard enough on the body, we take care of our own and provide free price vegan food on premises.

#OFFDEM AMA -- Kids Welcome! 

Yes, we are welcoming children. So far 4 of them are coming. They will enjoy a dedicated kids space with babysitters. Their parents can thus enjoy the gathering while their kids are enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

It's important for the diversity of our community and sanity of our science that we make free software gatherings for all people.


Thank you for asking @freeschool

Indeed, there is some tension between what we would like to do and how much we are able to achieve given the circumstances and available energy.

So we did most of the things we were supposed to do, and some we did not (such as following up online as much as we'd like).

Instead we've been meeting with many people who were not necessarily aware of , and we've been receiving great support so far. It's starting to look very diverse & appealing.


Dammit, time flies, and we lost the planned opportunity for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday for the beautiful mirror date: 22.02.2022.

So we propose to do it over the in the coming days since we were too busy with recovering from travel and settling down in Brussels to even announce it.

Here we go: shoot your questions about here and we'll reply to the thread.

Les AsynChroniques #5 sont sorties. AsynChronicles #5 are out!

Au menu:

1. le lancement de Présence Solidaire à la librairie Par Chemins le 3 mars 2022 à Bruxelles.

2. l'annonce du programme d'OFFDEM O₂ le 5 et 6 mars 2022 à la KBC de Zone Neutre, en personne et à Bruxelles.

The Misinformation Edition is being shown as part of a two day event, OFFDEM o2, hosted by Les petites singularités. The weekend focuses on minimalist technologies for collective use (decentralised and P2P, offline-first group collaboration, post-DNS Internet, unikernel fabrication and provisioning, lightweight protocols and low-resource computing, ethical technology production, etc.)

Bookmarked, hoping to join!

So, what will happen at in 2022?

Pre-program to motivate late comers to register before 21st of February. Cheers!

#RomHack2022 is looking for speakers

#RomHack Camp is the first hacker camp in the city of Rome

The Camp project is born around the so far successful #RomHack #Conference (which will take place during the Camp) and aims to provide a 3-days hacking experience in a campside near #Rome city center, surrounded by the nature of Veio’s park

Be prepared, bring your tent and join our amazing community!

Les éditions La Volte ont eu l'immense tristesse d'apprendre hier le décès d'Angélica Gorodischer, autrice majeure de la littérature de science-fiction et militante pour les droits des femmes.


Née en 1928 en Argentine, Angélica Gorodischer connaîtra les multiples dictatures qui rongeront son pays tout au long du xxe siècle.
En 1991, elle reçut à la fois la Bourse Fullbright de l’Université de Greeley (Colorado), le prix Gilgamesh de Fantasy pour Kalpa Imperial, et le prix Gilgamesh de la nouvelle pour Así es el sur et Retrato de la Emperatriz. En 1996, le Prix Dignité de l’Assemblée Permanente pour les Droits de l’Homme lui fut attribué pour son action en faveur des droits des femmes. Puis, en 2011, le World Fantasy Award lui fut décerné pour l’ensemble de son œuvre.

En Argentine, Angélica Gorodischer est une autrice aussi importante que J.L.Borges, J. Cortazar, A. Bioy Casares, E.Sabato, et pourtant elle n’avait jamais été traduite en France, à l’exception d’une nouvelle dans l’anthologie bilingue de Mathias de Breyne consacrée aux auteurs argentins contemporains. Ses ouvrages sont en revanche lus dans de nombreux pays étrangers - Kalpa Impérial est notamment traduit par Ursula Le Guin en anglais.

Son œuvre a reçu plusieurs prix de fantasy bien que les douze autres livres de l’écrivain, hormis Trafalgar, ne s’attachent à aucun genre défini ni à aucune frontière littéraire ; son écriture altière, flamboyante, brasse à elle seule de multiples horizons.

Parce que les œuvres d’Angélica Gorodischer méritent leur notoriété, La Volte a eu pour projet depuis 2017 de les faire connaître au lectorat francophone.


Adios, Angélica, nos vas a faltar mucho ☄️​


[ Lecture de l'extrait d'une nouvelle de Trafalgar, d'Angélica Gorodischer ]

#OFFDEM CFP Extended! 

The OFFDEM will happen in person, in Brussels, on the first week-end of March (5 and 6), 2022.

The Call for Participation is extended to February 12! Read all the details, and some spoilers, at the link below.


How do we get to public-civic spaces, what role does interoperability play? What is holding governments & civil society back to make the shift? Interoperable systems to whose benefit? Who decides? natacha roussel from speaks 🧡

We have found our sysadmin! The offer is therefore obsolete. More soon...

Thank you @fossjobs for the great service! If you're hiring in the community, this is the place to post your job announce!

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