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Les rencontres sont commencés. Tune in coquillage the server of which plays in experimental mode libretime + direct transmission on

Back from a missions as IT support for on the ground, with us 155 guests, we rescued out of the Search and Rescue Zone (SAR 1) . Circulating frontex drones, lybian coast guards, and the Juventa case, make me shout all push back is illegal!

Meeting Gaia in La muenstra, BCN Braindancing for next convergencia in august -------

*feminist resist* binaries are for computers* Antwerp 16:00 Join the Greasy horses.

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Our open call to feminist and queer peers out there:
We invite artists and art collectives who are intersectional with our identity politics to upload their videos during a residency or curate events/content on our peertube instance, a video streaming/archiving platform.

>> deadline: 20 March
>> confirmation: end of march
>> timeline of events/residency: april/may

More details about what and how:

Resilience & care presentation of vesna manojlovic during

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#VOLUTES S02E03 | Mémoires féministes de la #SF 🚀​

Quels sont les liens entre Monique Wittig, Joanna Russ, Ursula K. Le Guin, Samuel R. Delany ou encore Alice Shedon, aka James Tiptree Jr. ?

Depuis 2017, Clara Pacotte et Charlotte Houette, fondatrices de l’#EAAPES, écument les conventions de SF américaines et les sous-sol d’archives du Midwest pour exhumer, au travers de lettres, cartes postales, anthologies et fanzines, coupures de presse et autres manuscrits oubliés, toute une généalogie de l’histoire de la science-fiction queer et féministe…. Des petits trésors qui recouvrent la période allant des années 60 aux années 80, que nos deux comparses épluchent, sélectionnent, traduisent et publient ensuite sous la forme de « readers », tout en ramettes de papier Office Depot et photocopies noir et blanc…

🔊​ Un troisième épisode de notre #podcast en partenariat avec Radio Parleur, qui se propose de revenir sur toute une génération d’auteurices ayant profondément influé sur les imaginaires politiques de la science-fiction ; mais aussi, une ode aux modes de publication et de transmission alternatifs, en dehors des chemins balisés de l’édition traditionnelle.

Welcome on board !! ✨​


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„Sisters with transitors”, a #documentary about about the pioneering #women in #electronic #music , is available at the EU public broadcaster ARTE for free:

#womeninmusic #wim

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We just received notice that our panel Feminist Infrastructures will be part of the next privacy camp! Organized by systerserver/anarchaserver/leverburns we will discuss gender bias, governance, accessibility, and resources with our invited feminist peers Madish (maadix) Mallory Knodel, Nate, and Sarah Chander (Edri)

#feminist #internet

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Spread the Call

The Feminist Hacker Assembly from the galaxy of Hacker Feminisms all around the world takes place at #rc3 2021 online. The glue is /etc, Eclectic Tech Carnival, running since 2002. Contributions: managed #servers ( and, #fanzines, #books, #radio, #codes, #games

For proposals/submission: 📧 call AT eclectictechcarnival org (first schedule draft 18/12)

CryptoDance >>> Https:// <<< is mentioned in #diveristy The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures - the new book of Christina Dunbar-Hester

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Thanks to wikipedia’s “did you know?” section today I am now completely obsessed with belyanas, gigantic unpowered disposable ships used to transport timber in incredible style

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📄 Débora Prado, Community networks and feminist infrastructure: Reclaiming local knowledge and technologies beyond connectivity solutions, 2019

“So, feminist infrastructures include servers, networks, cables, antennas, software, hardware, and the use of electromagnetic spectrum, protocols, and algorithms. But they also include spaces, temporalities, priorities, relationships between humans and machines, and agreements …”

Bat ultrasonic device soldering workshop in survival mode near Eben Ezer with with Britta and Tina and other creatures

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