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Our 2022 wall calendar is available for preorder now! Get it here, with global shipping. Also make big savings by ordering multiple copies, and help fund our work:

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i'm looking for a job.

i'm a mathematics student at galatasaray university in turkey. i've discovered latex typesetting system ~4 years ago. in that time period, i've written my lecture notes, real-time. i've learned about plotting and drawing with tkz-euclid and tikz.

if you are in need of someone to type a thesis, an homework; to draw and produce graphics, plots, etc. please contact me, i'm open to communication and i'll inform if i'm able to get the job done.

#job #latex #typesetting #tikz

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Anybody know of any open source remote desktop software that allows one to easily help non-technical friends and family? Everybody's on Linux.

Traversing NAT is the major problem, so I'm happy to run my own relay server.

Just can't find any open source stuff that will work that way. I can't explain how to forward ports to my mom; she needs a non-technical way to invite me to help.

(TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc. are proprietary clients with proprietary servers, so I don't trust the privacy there).

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Femke Nijsse: "On Monday the #IPCC released their assessment ... This ends years of hard (volunteer!) work for hundreds of scientists.

It starts a journey of updating hundreds or thousands of #Wikipedia articles, which will equally take years

I would like to invite researchers, especially early-career researchers that are doing a literature review, to join us at

What better way to get an in-depth understanding of a new topic than write about it to a lay audience?"

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[Recherche de colocation - Belgique - boost welcome] 

Je bosse et j’ai ma petite vie donc je suis pas particulièrement extraverti.e, mais j’aimerais rencontrer des nouvelleaux potes queer et agrandir mon cercle social.
Donc je devrais être assez flexible et respectueux.e de vos boundaries tels qu’ils soit, j’aime faire du jeu de société, du uno et même du jdr sur table à l'occasion, si jamais ça vous parle.

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Hey there I'll be in Mtl Qc for the next 3 weeks....
Happy to join with fediverse folks and live the city reviving after lockdown,
Please get in touch or share info about nice stuff going on quite ecletic in my tastes but prefer small decentralized encounters.
Please boost

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My fellow openEngiadina developer @rustra was arrested in Minsk, Belarus on charges of organizing protests last year. He has reported being tortured.

This is a strong reminder of the ongoing repression in Belarus.

Resist repression and support victims!

#repression #Belarus #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #acab

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Hello, I’m the reel2bits project main developper (a #FLOSS self-hostable #soundcloud like with #ActivityPub federation).

It’s written in python/flask/vuejs and I need help because of health issues I’m unable to work a lot on it anymore, if you are interested to help me on some of the issues and more specially the ActivityPub part, you can contact me through:

the project matrix channel
the issue tracker
this account

boosts appreciated, thanks.

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Tenacity is a free open privacy-friendly audio editing and recording app, forked from Audacity. You can follow at:

➡️ @tenacity

The project's website is at

It's based on Audacity, but with the controversial stuff removed. The project is new, and contributors are welcome.

(If you're wondering why people are leaving Audacity: )

#Tenacity #Audio #Music #Apps #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Audacity #Alternatives #Productivity

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"Alors que les manifestations contre le passe sanitaire ont été le théâtre d'une récupération de symboles appartenant à l’Occupation et aux camps d'extermination, plusieurs personnalités et collectifs de la communauté juive rappellent que « la Shoah, ses six millions de morts juif·ve·s (...) ne sont pas une réserve lexicale, source d'inspiration, de comparaison ou d'humour »."
#covid #PasseSanitaire #débat #MediaPart

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Pænser Ensemble une présence solidaire. Une invitation à OSER organiser une souveraineté techno-éthique en résistance.

Dans la continuité de nos recherches sur l'organisation humaine du logiciel libre, nous souhaitons interroger comment la production des technologies libres peut s'insérer dans les pratiques du « soin radical ».

C’est l’enjeu de la pérennité des communs contre l’épuisement des ressources par la surproduction.

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Via sur insta :
«Les martiniquais et les guadeloupéens ont été empoisonnés au chloredecone par les békés, les descendants d’esclavagistes, vous vous rendez compte de cette violence ? Ils ont empoisonnés nos terres et nos corps dans l’unique but de faire du fric ⬇️

"The concept of “neo-eugenics” usefully reminds feminist and queer activists that any analysis of the contemporary backlash against gender equality, sexual liberation, and secular humanism that does not pay close attention to class, race, and transnational capital accumulation would be woefully inadequate. "

Neo-eugenics: A Feminist Critique of Agamben
Anna Marie Smith

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We have had enough! Of trees that are cut down, of habitat-losing creatures, of aphalt everywhere! Of a traffic policy, where cars are the center of attention!

That's why we, a queer, autonomous small group, are living in the Wuhlheide (Berlin) from today on.

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Audacity - rude language 

FCK YOU 4chan #trolls:

You want to see the world burn just because you are little discontented pixies. Everything badly make what in your small mindet brain no place finds, how pathetic one must be.

The person who started the initiative to fork #Audacity has stepped down, due to IRL #harassments from #4chan.

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new judicial case in #France

More information on our #GoGetFunding page

Some context on why we need your contributions to guarantee our ability to face the cult & Spatz attorneys

Keep reading ⬇️

We @OKCinfor have been busy since 6 years now, dragging @OgyenKun and it's founder cult leader to Justice. 2 Judgements, 3 appeals and 40.000 € raised to pay for our lawyers fees for the different steps of the Belgian trial.

We've been very fortunate to - 2/9

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