Hey @lidia_p yes it will be on fosdems official video site, also we have a discourse preparatory forum, I can invite you if you pass me your mail

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“Physical abuse is normally preceded by verbal violence. When the language of the elites violates the limits imposed by decency, it causes more and more physical violence. Unfortunately this is not a theory but the reality, as the growing cases of racially and religiously based violence demonstrate"

Pawel Adamowicz - murdered on stage on Sunday in Gdansk

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RT @BantignyL@birdsite.link
"Ceux qui ne bougent pas ne sentent pas leurs chaînes."
Rosa Luxemburg (5 mars 1871-15 janvier 1919)


@alt241 yo est ce que tu veux passer le 24 janvier pour faire le point sur le projet in common:

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In the meantime essential stuff happens in tech, Nike is launching a pair of connected shoes!!! Essential disruptive innovation, I can't believe I m there to see that before the world collapses.


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@spoon thank you for the link. You raised another important issue. Those "Advisors on Privacy and Civil Liberties" are mostly from American universities. Academia showed its true colors after Aaron Swartz was arrested near the Harvard campus by MIT police. Those clowns said nothing to help Aaron during the next 2 years (!) of prosecution, not a single word. Academia represents corporate interest not public. Everyone should watch The Internet's Own Boy documentary.

#privacy #freedom

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"Today we can seriously set about destroying capitalism once and for all. Nay, more; not merely are we today in a position to perform this task, nor merely is its performance a duty toward the proletariat, but our solution offers the only means of saving human society from destruction" -- Rosa Luxemburg, 1st of January 1919, 2 weeks later she was murdered/executed by the #spd and flung into the canal.


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murder, #capitalism, #history Show more

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Tattooed porcelain figurines by Scotland-based artist Jessica Harrison #womensart t.co/gz2DCCAlj5

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Depuis le 4 décembre, David Dufresne récapitweete dans sa timeline Twitter et signale @Place_Beauvau@twitter.com les vidéos et photos de violences policières sur les gilets jaunes. Aidez le dans cette compilation. Diffusez autour de vous ces informations...

Et en plus maintenant il nous a rejoint sur Mastodon le réseaux libre, fédéré et respectueux de notre vie privée




#giletsjaunes #violencespoliciere

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Dans sa lettre @emmanuelmacron annonce que le #GrandDébat sera "organisé en toute indépendance et encadré par toutes les garanties de loyauté & transparence"
Son pendant numérique devra donc en respecter les principes ! #LogicielLibre #OpenData #ViePrivée regardscitoyens.org/civic-tech

I find it very difficult to give money to people who advertise fooble and microshit as sponsor, directly promoting surveillance capitalism, how shameless can you be?

hey @lidia_p
we are organising a round table on activity pub during in the decentralized room at 17h00 I think those topics and more will be addressed by a important group of activity pub developers.

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Quick fact: selected projects will receive a security audit on your threat model, a11y, i18n/l10n, &
documentation help, standardization support.

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On my way to Amsterdam for the kickoff meeting of the NGI0 consortium. Don't forget the upcoming deadline in 15 days to submit a two-pager proposal to receive EU funding for your project.



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Camille Polloni reçoit le prix éthique d’Anticor

Fierté, grande fierté aux Jours: notre journaliste Camille Polloni a reçu vendredi l’un des prix «éthiques» remis chaque année par l’association Anticor qui lutte contre la corruption et se porte partie civile dans de nombreuses affaires confiées au pôle financier.

C’est d’ailleurs l’enquête «À la poursuite de l’argent sale», qui vaut à Camille Polloni d’être ainsi distinguée par Anticor.


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