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I don't do this often, but a friend of mine in Amsterdam is desperately looking for a job as a developer. 11 years of experience in mobile tech (iOS, Xamarin) and has been project manager and unit manager. She's got a work permit and is one of the best devs I know. RT+DM.

if there's one person I recommend is her, and my opinion is that she's being silently discriminated for being a woman. Please contact me via DM if you're looking for the best hire you've seen in a long time.

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Et parce que c'était vraiment une priorité nationale, les flics sont revenus depuis hier à la ZAD, détruire quelques cabanes, dont la cabane sur l'eau. L'hélico(n) qui tourne depuis hier, même la nuit. On les déteste. ACAB

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@HerraBRE Businesses should use open source for all the usual open sourcey reasons:

- Better quality
- Don't re-invent the wheel
- Don't expend development effort on things which aren't your main product
- Avoid supplier lockin
- Shorter time to market
- Freedom to customize software to your exact requirements rather than what Microsoft/Google think you need

Open source business fallacies:

- "Using open source will cost you less". It might, but don't assume that. You might still want to hire support.
- "The community will provide features we ask for". Not necessarily. If you want a very business specific feature you may have to add it yourself or hire someone to do that.
- "Many eyeballs make bugs shallow". Only for the very high profile projects. Often there are not many developers reading existing code unless they need to, so sometimes bugs can go unnoticed for years. The average open source project has one or two developers.
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venezuela, nation-wide blackout Show more

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for those wondering how to establish trade relations with crows:

- feed crows food A regularly
- when crows decide to bring you gifts, feed them food B
- when crows bring you different categories of gifts, feed them a food-per-category, ex: food C for jewelry, food D for paper money, etc
- crows will recognize these exchange patterns and opt to bring you things in order to acquire desired treats

good luck! 🐦

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A-Infos: **Humanitarian and repressive crisis in Venezuela. International solidarity anarchist campaign - Anarchists in Solidarity with Venezuela**

"We can no longer hide the very serious humanitarian, political and social crisis that is ravaging Venezuela. Nobody who has seen the floods of families that walk on foot Latin America, with its few possessions, can deny the evidence. Not …"

#anarchism #bot

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Hot take regarding the Web and decentralization Show more

@ella_kane I have one like that running on devuan, its ok for many things.

@tierce @how @domainepublic @Olm_e @source @HgO @e_jim @tharyrok @tuxicoman @zefredz @Ilja

Some mailing list I am part of, have as policy to ask people to register with non gmail accounts, I think this is also a possibility, and no this is not segregation, its enforcing a protection policy, people can, really.

+1 I'd like to find this type of resource, build knowledge. A recent experience was also hugely disrespectful, half my speaking time screwed because projector was not working. When I answered question on the time limit, accused of being violent, and turning feminist arguments to me as if they were weapons, terrible experience. Conferences should be about people joining get informed of each other's progresses and get organised, in this prospect hosting speakers with care is crucial.

@vanecx @Olm_e @ps yep I get what you say, its probably because to me social is face to face, not behind a computer, I never had facebook, not even tweeter account, I thought it was because I hate corporations, but now I realise that the idea of social behind a computer is toxic per se. I feel that the time I spend typing needs to be about infomation and organisation, the social time is out of keyboard for me.

@Olm_e @ps Really my feeling right now is that this thing takes to much time out from me, its like a shower of info that immediatly goes to the drain leaving space for the next round.
As times to come promise to be difficult, if I use digital and online tools, they need to help me structure information and get organize. If its not the case I prefer spending my time with people I love.
Mastodon to me is draining.

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@hirojin @Wolf480pl @feld @Shamar It's just my perspective, probably related to my anti-capitalism. I try to imagine a world with "human scale" software built for a society of free individuals who need to be able run/study/modify/share the whole system. I dislike programmer armies and huge surveillance&control-oriented computing systems.

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‘The digital world is a steady march towards a new kind of feudalism in which nothing is "sold" to us, only rented, making us tenant farmers of everything that was once our property. Private property is the exclusive purview of “limited liability corporations.”’


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Ecran publicitaire Coca-Cola piraté en 2016 dans le cadre d'une mobilisation "TTIP Game Over"
Le procès du militant poursuivi débute demain.

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Je viens d'assister à une conversation ou une infirmière explique a une personne sans argent et avec la CMU que non tout n'est pas remboursé et que si elle paye pas, elle pourra pas faire les examens dont elle a besoin. La violence du truc, ou tu te rends compte que tu peux même pas faire les examens prescrits par le médecin si t'as pas d'argent
Monde de merde

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