Somebody reported me to myself, y’all. How’s your day going? :)

Hint: if you don’t like my comparing Israel to Russia, go tell Israel to stop acting like Russia.

(And find out how the fediverse works before you go making an arse of yourself trying to censor me on my own personal instance.)

#censorship #moderation #fediverse #embarrassing #israel #palestine #russia


@aral Interesting way of putting it.
Are you the only moderator in that instance? in such a case minimum should be to leave the decision to someone else. If you decide for yourself about the moderation of yourself then I believe its pretty much an autocratic situation.
my 2cts

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@natacha Wanna come moderate my blog too? :)

My instance is my own personal space. “You moderating yourself” is called personhood.

No one is forced to listen to me. If someone doesn’t like what I’m saying they can block my account or the instance.

@natacha PS. I’m the only person on my instance. It’s an instance of one.

#smallWeb #singleTenant #personhood

@aral nI did not know...
Interesting iits a good way not to get challenged.
I would never have though about doing that ....

@natacha It’s not about not getting challenged. You can get challenged all you like (as anyone you haven’t blocked can reply and challenge you). And, as I said, no one is forced to listen to you either as anyone can block your account or the whole instance.

But what it does is correctly model personhood, which the “servers of many” model doesn’t.

It’s the small tech/web philosophy. Communities are made up of individuals. That’s what we model.

#smallTech #smallWeb


Personal Instance is indeed a choice, mine is a collective choice, I find it more nurturing as you have to negotiate a way of sharing a space and some common grounds in discourse.
It also alleviates a lot the personality visibility.
I usually only block real problems fascists and such and people attacking, I do not block people because of what they say but because they start being a nuisance, This is a personal choice.

@natacha you can certainly still get challenged.
The great and beautiful thing about the fediverse is anyone can set up their own instance on whatever hardware they have lying around or on a cheap VPS and interact with the rest of the fediverse on an equal level.
Having your own instance does indeed protect you from being blocked from your own instance, but you're still at risk of being blocked by other instances in the same way anyone else would be.
That's OK though, as @aral says, it's the same as real life communication.
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