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Test PCR aux frontières 

Bientôt, pour passer les frontières, il faudra faire passer aux douaniers un test PCR : Pastis, Casanis ou Ricard ?

Cristina Derazenski (efecto99) muriô esta noche en Buenos Aires después de dos semanas de lucha para respirar, ella que nunca fue jadeando.

Así va una mujer llena de fuerza y amor. Por supuesto ahora ya se rie de su último chiste.

Todavía estoy tratando entender lo qué significa para mi no tener más este hilo invisible hacia ella, esta impresión qué « nos podríamos ver otra vez, un día, quizás ». 😢

DPD : service pourri 

livraison sous 48h. 6 jours plus tard : toujours rien. C'est récurrent, c'est même leur marque de service : tu poireautes de 8 heures du matin à 18 heures, on te dit qu'il manquait des instructions, tu envoies tout le nécessaire pour arriver à bon port en précisant de t'appeler s'il y a un problème. Pas d'appel, pas de message, le service client ment et ne "peut" pas contacter les livreurs. Livreurs qui passent sans sonner en laissant un avis de passage, s'ils passent.


The DREAM Team is proud to announce the first public release of our DREAM Data Specification (D1.1).

This first release will enable developers to start looking into DREAM innovations. Early adopters can discuss this specification with -catchers and enjoy open access to our collaborative research facility.

Follow-up discussion:

Distributed Mutable Container (DMC) specification:

What do you mean by ?

An angry response to the impossibility to register to the "Public Spaces Conference" without entering surveillance spaces.

I wish the panelists were available on the public space of the to discuss it, rather than hidden in plain sight of the Twitterverse or the LinkedIniverse, all privately-owned companies from the global surveillance regime made in USA.

Yet, they talk about public spaces.

After almost three weeks of preparation and intense debate following members defection due to hostile presence, the first policy to "care of our own" is now out!

In a nutshell: if you want to participate in the community development of , better not associate with oppressive behaviours and communities. The SocialHub and SocialCG promote and enforce a safe space.

Better CareFOO than curfew.

starts tomorrow.

Are we ready?
✅ A venue in Brussels
✅ Home-made food
✅ Beer to support undocumented people
✅ A private group to organize
✅ A program suitable for a single group to discuss over two days
✅ A diverse attendance
✅ Zero GMAFIA sponsor

1. Local Organization
2. Interop & Power Relations
3. Collective Data Sovereignty

@cwebber @rhiaro @sl007 @nightpool My life has been miserable and I cannot do ANYTHING in the last 2 days because I am accused of letting fascists come to the SocialHub and nobody says anything about it.

If we do not have a PUBLIC discussion in the community about where we stand against complotists, nationalists, nazis, trumpists, and other fascists and concrete action taken very soon, I will have to step out of this community for this cannot be something @ps is willing to support.

For the record: does not mean you can do anything. Fediverse means unity in diversity, and that does not include fascists who by definition want unity in uniformity.

They'd rather use and leave us alone.

Is there a way to use without a trusted 3rd party?

« Dès qu'ils ont dit "caméra ! Caméra ! On est filmés", ils ont arrêté de me frapper. »

Alors, le en France, c'est du passé ou bien c'est du présent, et nous en sommes tou·te·s les victimes ?

La police en France ? Jamais au service des citoyens. Toujours au service la violence de l'État.

Des flics comme ça on n'en veut pas. T'es flic ? Dénonce-les.

Just to say: is not a word, it's a (so-called) neo-liberal policy. A (so-called) neo-liberal policy is a monopolistic market condition imposed by stupid white men to the rest of the world without consent.

The only way to resist (so-called) neo-liberal supra-national policy is to organize local resistance in a global (worldwide) resistance network that promotes 1) democracy, 2) family farming, 3) the refusal of war.

A User Perspective to GNU Social 

Published 10 Years Ago

A User Perspective to GNU Social

1. Universal Access
2. Seamless Contact List
3. Seamless Data
4. Memory, Intimacy, Privacy

"Come Together Right Now"

@sl007 I'm so laughing out loud watching your talk, it's excellent. I wonder how you can keep your face straight.

It's amazing how much work you put into this. I'm very very grateful.


I had to reset my instance a few weeks ago, and am looking for network video instances to follow in English, French, or Spanish.

Would be appreciated to have a list of free software activists, computer people for peace, peasants, anti-capitalist, decolonialist, feminist and anarchist video feed collections.

Thank you for any pointers!

I'm running and looking forward to share more like-minded videos on the PeerTube network.

cc @chocobozzz

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