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Somewhere there are people
To whom we can speak with passion
Without having the words catch in our throats.
Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us,
Eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate
With us
Whenever we come into our own power.
Community means strength that joins us out strength
To do the work that needs to be done.
Arms to hold us when we falter.
A circle of healing. A circle of friends.
Someplace where
We can be free.


#Hackmeetin2019 #Errekaleor #EuskalHerria

2019/9/20 - 2019/9/22

Pour cette édition #R/Hack, nous invitons à présenter des nœuds qui appuient la centralité de l’hybridation entre les couches territoriales et numériques dans le but de renforcer nos communautés et de mieux résister aux assauts du technocapitalisme.

* Souveraineté technologique pour les communautés
* Technologies pour s’organiser
* Le féminisme dans la communauté hacker
* Protection de la vie privée des collectifs
* Expériences d’administration de systèmes libres
* Hacktivisme dans les mouvements sociaux
* Lutte contre le changement climatique renforcé par le technocapitalisme. Grève mondiale pour le climat
* Interaction entre hacking technique et social
* Programmation en direct : génération de musique à l’aide d’algorithmes

@natacha @hsbxl @tetalab @ChatonsOrg @how @calafou @taziden @HackingWithCare
RMS is of course entitled to his opinion (he doesn't condone crimes), but he should also know the consequences on the image of the movement that he started 35+ years ago.

wired: no gods
inspired: no masters
compiled: no celebrities in floss

First downtime ever since I use the Hetzner Cloud. Of course it affects our upcoming service for ...

76% packet loss at
60% packet loss at

Reaches and dies there. has nothing yet.


Honestly I think "peadophilia" is a term invented by child rapists. There's nothing else than child rape. It's always rape. There's no other way around.

further great work of Heater Marsh mention of Paedofilia 

Further work of Heater Marsh about internet sociopaths "fighting" to legalize Paedophilia "They (adults) fought for “children’s sexuality” as though children were a persecuted minority group fighting for their sexual freedom."

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mention of death eaters allusions to #epstein and work of an amazing women. 

In times of great sadness as revelations continue to come by regarding filthy MIT, i wanted to foster the great work of Heater Marsh who has denonciating the functionning of sociopath, psycopaths and death eaters who rule this society, for decades, with no support.

So, I have to stop doing anything else and have a look at what's going on at fucking MIT, because I have a dick and a beard, and I'm part of the GNU project, and I have supported and invited Stallman.

It came to my ears that rms is supportive of the old MIT wrecks who have systematized raping little girls.

In other words: I'm suspending everything until I get a hold on what's going on, and what I'm going to do next -- that would mean leaving the GNU project at least.

ROAR: **The Other 9/11: remembering the neoliberal coup in Chile**

"Today it is 46 years ago that Pinochet launched a bloody CIA-assisted coup against the democratically-elected socialist President Allende of Chile."

#anarchism #bot

I think most fediverse apps would be better suited as frontend clients (or mobile apps) which can all connect to the same backend server (probably with some backend plugins or microservices to handle things like video compression).

One advantage would be having one federated identity where I can post toots, articles, photos, videos, events, educational resources, git merge requests, etc, etc, rather than having dozens of disparate identities and contact lists.
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Do you prefer using a product or a tool?

Straightforward UX, or extensive feature-set?

Clear value proposition, or infinitely customisable?

Slick or austere?

Strictly implementing one vision and set of goals, or adding all kinds of features that different people request or contribute?

Extensive user documented, or code and settings panels (or config files) as documentation?

Historically, the former tends to be proprietary apps, while the latter then to be free software projects that clone the intitial vison/functionality, and then evolve mostly by adding features. The complexity goes up and the UX goes down.

These days we have free software products (eg. Mastodon and Pixelfed) and free software tools (eg. Pleroma).

The question is how do you preserve the user-freedom advantages of tools while gaining the user traction and usability of products?

I suggest one approach could be having a generic backend tool, with standard protocol-based federation and an open API that enables frontend app designers/developers to create slick products that implement all kind of different visions and use cases.

I hope Pleroma and can help make something like this happen.

@how @Blort Be patient! Editing videos takes time. Even getting up raw videos takes time, because that's a ton of bandwidth.

Most of us have just gotten back from the conference and are trying to get our lives in order again. @sl007 is trying to get them up ASAP, and it sounds like it will be soon (and yes, it will be on Peertube).

It's good news that everyone is so excited that they can't wait to see the videos (the talk content IS good) but be patiently kind to the volunteers!

Chers client•e•s,

En raison d’un piratage, une fuite de données a permis à des pirates d’obtenir notre base de données biométriques. 350 millions de comptes sont concernés.

Nous vous demandons de bien vouloir changer votre visage et vos empreintes digitales. Veuillez le faire sans tarder, faute de quoi nous ne répondrons de rien en cas d’usurpation de votre identité par des malfaiteurs•rice•s, qui ont désormais toutes ces données.

#MercrediFiction #biométrie

«Italy became the European country with the highest inwardness. […] observed trends are strongly suggestive of a generalized strategic use of citations, […] self-citations and citation clubs» Who would've guessed, right? #bibliometrics #asn

OMG... I have @cwebber's voice in my head with jingle...

"It's time to return to your seats..."



Comment avoir un corps de
1) avoir un corps
2) danser

J'aime tellement cette façon de voir les choses! Et d'ailleurs, j'accepte tous les corps dans mes cours et quel que soit le niveau de départ.

J'aime accompagner les gens vers leur libération. Patience, amour, bienveillance.

#danse #danseur #danseuse #corps #body #dancer #dance

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