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Is there an equivalent in for "Share link with...", e.g., for Diaspora: `{title}&url=`?

@amiloradovsky actually they're quite nice, and some come from people I did not contact in the meantime, so it's pretty positive so far. I just have to explain things a bit ;)

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La lutte des classes a comme épicentre les salles de rédaction. Dans toutes les grandes villes d’Europe qui ont connu la révolution, la priorité des insurgés fut de s’emparer de ces salles, et celle des réactionnaires de les en déloger. En accès libre.

Oh shit. I come from the past. An error in my email system that passed without notice for almost a year was fixed today and I just sent hundreds of messages that probably nobody got in time.

Misprogrammed obsolescence I'd say.

So if you received an email from me that sounds weird or relate to past events, you know why.


There were so many pending messages that the RBL caught up on me at once. Thanks to the nice people who got it fixed in no time!

@amiloradovsky ben tout se ressemble, on ne sait pas différencier les fichiers des tabs des machins et des trucs.

J'ai commenté sur un fichier, ça va dans la discussion, mais impossible de voir les changements depuis que le truc dit "hellekin a commenté sur un ficher qui a changé" ou un truc du genre.

Plutôt illisible dans l'ensemble, même en "collapsant" les deux sidebars.

Je trouve les MR de Gitlab vraiment difficiles à utiliser.

Erlend is being sloppy about communication. I hope to have better info to share ASAP.

WTF has been happening with the @fsfe? Fellowship Council elections? Flame wars? Electing a cat?

Even I received a voting right (I missed it, because I don't watch that email address so often) so I'm suspect of this election a lot. is a horrible mess.

At least, I got it right registering

@aeris oui, en effet je ne suis pas certain que réclamer l'interop à des législateurs procure une issue positive quelconque. Personnellement je suis bienheureux que les utlilisateurs de Fakebooz ne soient pas dans le Fediverse : nous ne sommes pas encore prêt·e·s à les prendre en pleine face.

Je me souviens encore de la débâcle lorsque AOL a ajouté des serveurs IRC sur UnderNet. 😱

En revanche, je suis tout à fait pour faciliter les coopérations entre les signataires de cette lettre :P

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Feminist Realities: Our Power in Action | An Exploratory Toolkit

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bike repair tomorrow-afternoon (sun 09 june 2019) here @hcklabxl pel46/1030 --- opening doors at 14h (prenoon: cleanup atelier & fabricate bike-repair stand)

@b3yond After reading your files on the game, I'd recommend reading some of Silvia Federici: (I'm reading Caliban and the Witch, and it's awesome, on the "transition" to capitalism). Might be a good inspiration on how to reverse trends...

@b3yond Did you consider @godotengine ? I guess this would be the best choice for your cyberpunk game to tranform capitalism into a solidary economy

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So I had this weird little #gameing idea... I think many people on #mastodon would like it :)

I wrote a small concept, feedback and criticism would help me a lot!

It is a #cyberpunk MMORPG about transforming capitalism to a solidarity economy...

#indiegamedev #coops #anarchism #politics #mmorpg #fediverse #opensource #FLOSS #linux

@mariusor @dessalines @mxb

A comparison of link aggregators... This is a wiki, please add missing information and other alternatives.

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