Quick fact: selected projects will receive a security audit on your threat model, a11y, i18n/l10n, &
documentation help, standardization support.

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Don't trust "open source" projects with Contributor License Agreements, they are effectively not open source/free software at all and cannot be trusted or forked in productive ways that eliminate corporate control. (glares at Microsoft with VSCode and Azure)

On my way to Amsterdam for the kickoff meeting of the NGI0 consortium. Don't forget the upcoming deadline in 15 days to submit a two-pager proposal to receive EU funding for your project.



To insist on this point (no ads needed) I want to quote @Gargron from an interview last July:

"Word of mouth beats everything in terms of getting people on board, and getting people on board is good for all of us — as they say, a network is only as good as the amount of people you can talk to through it."


This is a bar in Brussels. But the kind of bar you won't visit on your Google sponsored trip to . Small, family owned, convivial bar outside of tourist paths. The kind of venues that are threatened to disappeared with gentrification. Not. Google. Compliant.

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I thought it would be nice to share images of international protests in support of gilets jaunes.

Here are Ukrainian protesters holding mirrors to the police

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>Some of the most evil corporations on the planet have given back significant open source projects. Hard to say whether they take more than they give.

But that is too narrow of a focus. Giving a 'handful' of developers these tools and frameworks which are in large part the same ones that allow them to roll out ever more extractive business practices to the rest of humanity and increase their dominance.

There is a crisis in (FL)OSS and it needs to be solved.. somehow.

@cwebber @aral

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"If someone mispronounces a word, do not mock them. That means they learned it from reading."

Yeah or the language being spoken is not their first one, or they have any number of neurological or physical or mental illnesses, or they're hard of hearing, or they speak the language with an accent where that is the standard pronunciation, or a million other things and you know what you shouldn't mock anyone for this ever anyway.

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Appel à projets visant
à soutenir des actions-pilotes d’apprentissage du codage menées au sein des écoles bruxelloises. Can we maybe include here mastodon instances for kids training? @rmdes perspective.brussels/fr/actual

@dada @Gargron I'm not convinced advertising is the way to go. On the contrary, I would say that it is contrary to the spirit of decentralization.

I am way more interested in a peer-to-peer campaign to invite people to as many instances as possible. Coordinating the messages, leaving space for individual instance creativity, and relaying these messages to non-federated networks would IMO create a sense of belonging and demonstrate a capacity to step aside of the dominant system.

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You should reject every authority, but also commit yourself to a deep respect for all sincere convictions. Live your own life, but also allow others the complete freedom to live theirs.
-- Elisee Reclus

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Côté flics, le commandant boxeur de manifestant arrêté : pas de poursuite, le procureur a jugé qu'il y avait un climat insurrectionnel, et que dans ce cas c'est mêlée ouverte…

Côté #GiletsJaunes, #Dettinger le boxeur qui a défendu une femme frappée au sol par des policiers commence par 1 mois de détention provisoire, pour avoir sauvé une vie…

tip for : choosing your examples carefully.

Here, a developer demonstrates he cannot reproduce a bug by showing the events against gender violence are correctly scheduled.

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg Another characteristic of is that you must initiate your contact in person: each person generates a QR code and scans the other's key. with real people.

The current downside of Briar is that it's quite battery draining. But it's one of the very best P2P secure messaging systems.

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#Briar is an unusual kind of messenger for Android devices: there are no servers, messages are stored on your phone and sent directly to your contact's phone through TOR, wi-fi or bluetooth.

It's designed for journalists, activists, people working in disaster zones and anyone interested in "off the grid" communication.

The official site is here:


The app is free, open source and available through @fdroidorg and Google Play.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Privacy #MeshNetworks

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