De retour à Bruxelles. De belles affiches pour la manif des exilés

http://inmyname be

The picture does not approach the beauty of this early moon and the sunny art deco buildings

Ola Blini "travels
too much to neighboring countries and reads technical books" according to Ecuadorian police.

Ola Blini was arrested 3 days ago as he was boarding a plane to Japan on a scheduled business trip.

The U.S.A. empire cracks down on hackers while the E.U. empire cracks down on freedom of expression online. Bad times for freedom.

Used to be newsgroups.
Used to be email.
Used to not be broken.

Why would I need
A brand new engine on my
Perfectly working bike
For twice the price?

Classy Web page by GÉANT...

"GÉANT is a fundamental element of Europe's e-infrastructure"

They're working on NGI TRUST, one of the cascading funding initiatives for (Next Generation Internet).

If you have privacy enhancing technology projects, you can ask them for money. Or you can come to NGI0 PET. I'm curious about the next month or two when we start having a vision on what projects are funded, and how people like to collaborate with these funders.

WTF Signal. Now I get nagged by my phone telling me first that Chrome won't work without an update of Google Play Services, now it's Signal. What's next?

How can I get rid of this shit? I do not have a Google account not do I want any.

Here, it took time, but I finalized my profile for 2019 (and on...)

Note the effort to use the M$ colors.


This is a bar in Brussels. But the kind of bar you won't visit on your Google sponsored trip to . Small, family owned, convivial bar outside of tourist paths. The kind of venues that are threatened to disappeared with gentrification. Not. Google. Compliant.

tip for : choosing your examples carefully.

Here, a developer demonstrates he cannot reproduce a bug by showing the events against gender violence are correctly scheduled.

Okay... The public Internet is gone.

Good, one less shitty site to read and waste my time on.

This is the reason why I cannot be a vegan. This cheese is made in the mountains by shepherds.

Au soleil dans la montagne sous la brise caressante comme une berceuse. Une pensée pour vous autres en bas sous la mer de nuages.

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