#ActivityPub Harassment Wave(s) 

Today I unblocked @sl007 because I think the ActivityPub community must talk openly and stop this harassment insanity.

For over two years, people from the ActivityPub community have received sustained pressure to act on things beyond their control, and, after asking for the flood to stop, have been insulted and flooded more.

This situation went over board recently when an unknown number of people used the @redaktor account to threaten and insult someone.



#ActivityPub Harassment Wave(s) 

I am hereby asking to the community who have chosen to remain silent about the misbehavior of @sl007 to step up and help fix the problem.

I am asking to "Dr. Sven" and "Dr. Steffen" who used the @redaktor account to step up and talk in their own name, not hiding behind a group account, and help fix the problem.

I am asking to the @fedicamp to open their eyes, assess the situation, and help fix it. Harassment is not something we want in the community.

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#ActivityPub Harassment Wave(s) 

The is built on values that we all share, and harassment is not one of them. Harassment has driven a good number of people away from this community and led to a dislocated evolution of the Fediverse, where years of work had been put to bridge alliances across differences in the social Web community.

If we can put ideas before identities, we might make a better place. If people need to harass others to exist, then we cannot.

@sl007 @redaktor @fedicamp

#ActivityPub Harassment Wave(s) 

(Sorry I had to delete and redraft because I failed to send to the public the first time.)

#ActivityPub Harassment Wave(s) 

I am putting this discussion on the so I cannot be accused of using a non-Fediverse medium like the (although we're working on it). I would appreciate that people here start taking harassment seriously and consider dropping their flags and think as responsible human beings.

#ActivityPub Harassment Wave(s) 

Just tagging , since the tag in the CW does not work.

The first post is at ps.s10y.eu/@how/10903658484612

@realcaseyrollins @sl007 @redaktor @fedicamp

this weird situation that nobody seems to be aware of except people who have been affected

Well, that's my situation. I've looked at recent posts by Sebastian Lasse and redaktor, and I have no idea what is going on because there is no clue there. What happened?
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