rankings by case

1. USA ++
2. China ==
3. Italy ++

Spain, Germany, and France are racing to catch up with the world leaders.

When you look at the death toll, again, Germany has only 0.60% death against identified cases (slightly more than a couple of days ago, but so much lower than everyone else... How comes?)

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@how I've heard that #COVID19 the numbers related deaths in Italy and Spain are now higher than in China. So per capita, they are orders of magnitude higher. China would have to have more than 15 times the number of deaths to have the same per capita rate.

(from: )

China: 1,439,323,776
Italy: 60,461,826
Spain: 46,754,778

@how doh! That was meant to read:
> the number of #COVID19 related deaths

covid19 stats 

@how what about the detection strategies ? if you look at the Chinese curve its pretty smooth, very smooth.. 🤔
other are not and varies according to their testing method and data management
and it's everywhere different, except it's hardly consistent and at big scale, so difficult to have a good indication of real infection rate.
hope new testing method gives more numbers... now its like going at high see with a chunk of calcite for all compass and hoping to cross the atlantic ;)

covid data analysis, fatality rate 

@how best theory I've seen so far: Germany is testing huge populations very early in their epidemic. So their detected case rate is artificially high compared to China/Italy/Spain/USA driving down the case fatality rate.

Total cases: number of people infected with the virus
Detected case rate: number of people with positive test result
Case fatality rate: (number dead with positive test)/(detected case rate)

Nobody yet knows the total case numbers since many infected are asymptomatic or mild symptoms.

@eqe @how I wouldn't call it "artificially" high. It's higher than the others because it's more accurate. The PCR test doesn't have many false positives from what I understand.

Korea, which also tests extensively, also has a 0.7% CFR.
@how @eqe We can only publish the numbers we have. The case fatality rate is what it is, we don't have the infection fatality rate.…

The government loses tax income by keeping people at home, they would love for people to go back to work if only people wouldn't rightly blame them for the deaths that would follow, and if only the economy and the medical system wouldn't suffer if too many got sick at once.

@how Well, mainstream media has been saying.. yes, early and more extensive testing, but also more medical facilities per person.

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