Starting now, I will unfollow anyone who "retweets". If I were interested in Twitter, I would use it, thank you.

Unfollowed @davduf for RT'ing. There are still 2 of him on the Fediverse.

@plsburydoughboy No: Twitter people should use the Fediverse, not abuse it. Boosting their stuff is abusing the Fediverse, as it does not give the agency to respond.

@how yeah. I did boost some stuff from :birdsite: lately, and I needed this pushback to stop doing that.


@how Stupid question: what's the problem here? I would like to understand it, but I'm mired in Twitter-ish thinking, so I don't.

@jbrains @how @how I agree with this. I am interested in the people on Twitter, and I would hate to have to login there to see when they say something worthwhile.

I think the things they make and say can be valuable, regardless the fact they chose the wrong platform.

We just need better rules for the retoot bots, because:
- some accounts have over ten retoot bots
- some mention handover
- some mention admin id
- some broadcast half the content

A lot of problems.

@mplammers @jbrains I do not want to systemize this: my personal preference is to ignore Twitter entirely, but some accounts there are imprescindible to some people. I even follow a couple sometimes, but I think it's wrong to propagate "broadcasts" to the Fediverse. It does not mean my opinion is the right one, just that it exists, and I'd rather keep my part of the Fediverse Twitter-free.

One problem is that following someone often is an all-or-nothing experience

@how @jbrains Thanks for the clarification. I don't think your opinion is wrong, it makes a lot of sense.

I wished to shine some light on the other side of the story, which is not about the platform tech, but about freeing the people and their content from surveillance.

I don't feel silencing their content here, or indeed even unfollowing the people who propagate it is the best way to be visible as a viable alternative.

@mplammers @how @jbrains I wrote about this a few months ago, it's not a comprehensive summary and not using nice language

@steko @mplammers @how I guess I still don't understand. Twitter doesn't do anything. The "toxic Twitter experience" is the people on Twitter and not Twitter itself. Are you saying that don't want people here who use Twitter? Are you hoping that only "the good people" from Twitter find mastodon? Are you merely trying to delay Mastodon descending into madness as long as you can? I just don't understand what you're trying to protect from what else.

@steko @mplammers @how I suppose you might see this as a quiet room at a loud obnoxious party and you're hoping the idiots out there don't notice it. I can understand that. Once they find the room, they'll take it over, so let's not draw too much attention to the quiet room and let's keep the door mostly closed.

Like that?

@jbrains @steko @mplammers I'm not sure why I am drawn into this discussion. It has nothing to do with what I said, and a fortiori, I am totally not interested in talking about Twitter.

Please remove me from this

I like the equivalent transliterated Japanese response:
No thank you, Very much. >:-)

@Wiglaf en Belgique j'ai appris : non, peut-être.

@how Understand your point of view, handling this in a different way for myself by unfollowing people who just mirror their Twitter stuff to the #fediverse but never actually interact with people over here. In doubt, communication with actual people is more valuable to me. 😃

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