@xj9 I'm interested in OCAP. Do you have some pointers to get started?

@xj9 I've read some and more (thank you for the second link, I did not know it), my question was really about existing implementations in . I did not find anything yet.

@xj9 @how Mark Miller would strongly disagree with you about that :)

@kragen @xj9

Actually I met Mark Miller last weekend in Prague where he keynoted the , and I have been watching @cwebber's ongoing work on OCAP.

But still, I'd love to find some implementation :)

@kragen @xj9 @cwebber

I wish I had more time to discuss Terry Stanley's distributed debugger. The part she explained to me was very intriguing.


@kragen @how

ok well you're going to need to define OOP for me so i know which OOP we are talking about.

Here's a description of what implementing OCaps involves:


With regard to Ruby, you can implement OCaps interfaces over the network easily enough, but carrying through at the object level in your program is complicated because Ruby doesn't support first class functions and private/protected methods don't work the right way for this. Here's some possible guidance:


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