Retrospectively I think maybe it would have been interesting to hold a workshop on group actors buuuut

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@karen That's a really good idea though!

This raises an interesting point; the unconference clearly turned out to be hugely valuable at APConf. I'm not sure if we could replicate that at FOSDEM though (the venue makes that hard), but an idea to throw at the organizers (such as @how )


@cwebber @karen

FOSDEM devrooms expect a program covering the whole day, there's no reason why we could not reproduce the format used at APConf, with the first day reserved for talks, and the second day for unconf. I would definitely support this kind of setup. Especially as there's always undetermined topics coming up from the combination of talks and casual discussion.

@cwebber @karen

That said, FOSDEM also imposes quite an intense schedule for devrooms, e g they "should not schedule a lunch break". I cannot fathom the reasons behind this rule, but I guess it has to do with some productivist bias.

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