Takeaways from the

1. SharedInbox is dead (look out for MultiBox and OcapsPub)

2. Strong interest to explore Object Capabilities as a way to secure social introductions, power delegation and transitivity, and to develop effective cooperation tools that prevent abuse in the

3. There should be a dedicated devroom at

@how sharedInbox isn't dead until we either netsplit and let elephantsite do their thing or convince elephantsite to kill sharedInbox
@kaniini @how I don't think they will be against it too much, changing sharedInbox to multibox is like 5 lines of code, at least in pleroma
@rin @how still, gargron should have showed up. this is what frustrates me with elephantsite. we are working on fixing the security for the benefit of his users (not just ours), shouldn't he show up to the table?

At some point the fact that @Gargron did not participate in community events will play against Mastodon. It's not a that but a simple fact of life: if you never show up, you never bond to the community, and decisions are made without you. I really hope to meet Eugen at the upcoming FOSDEM.


@how @Gargron @rin

that doesn't work when you have 85% of the users though. what has worked is careful discussion between Pleroma and Mastodon about coordination of specific features where cross-project collaboration is desired.

mastodon can spin APconf as basically being "cwebber and half the pleroma security team got together and threw a kegger" and the story will stick with the users :)

In this part of the universe, decentralisation is bound to prevail
@Gargron @rin

@how @Gargron @rin

decentralization means nothing when you control a decisive majority of the nodes.

when I say Mastodon is the MSIE of the fediverse, I mean that there is really one implementation that matters: Mastodon, and thus only one person who matters: Gargron.

can we make progress? yes. but just because we had a meeting to talk about our current security posture and how to fix it doesn't mean it's time to celebrate. until we have sold big G it means nothing.
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