#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

Chris @cwebber introduces ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future.

Thanks to the DOX contemporary art center that hosts the conference as part of the Datamaze exhibition.


Thanks to the volunteers helping!
Thanks to Sebastian @sl007 for organizing the conference.

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 


1. Users suffer when nodes go down

See datashards.net

Secure, distributed storage primitives for the web

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

2. Breadth vs Depth

"I don't know how you feel about capitalism but I hope everyone in this room has issues with surveillance capitalism."

Breadth: maximize number of followers
Depth: have meaningful social relations

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

3. The complement of freedom of speech is freedom to filter.

"It's not censorship to not want to listen to someone."

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

4. Nation-statification of the Fediverse

"Where do communities live?"

"Communities live on mailing lists. These can have a lot of interfaces."

"Communities have different norms, and people behave differently in these communities."

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

"The lost cyberpunk world of social games"

MUDs, MOOs, early graphical games from the 80s... These were more advanced social networking tools what the mainstream now.

"Why can't we have kids hosting ActivityPub services while they host Minecraft servers?"

"Well, that's the graphics 😜 They can create worlds together..."

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

Electric Communities Habitat

1997, a P2P social networking exprience... Rich interactions!

Sorry people, this is the funniest part and I cannot share it... You need to watch the video...

All right, on to OCaps...

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

As Chris is talking on Object Capabilities, I remind you the upcoming OCAPPUB paper


"We must not claim we can prevent what we cannot."

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

The consensus in this room is that surveillance capitalism is a poor solution for our situation.

Sometimes I see content from users and I think I would give money if that was easily done.

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

The main economic model seems to be crowdfunding but it has its problems. We could focus on considering free software as infrastructure and have society pay for it like for roads or education.

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#ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future 

A capitalist's point of view. There are business models that we can use. At our company we refuse using Slack or that kind of service. We use IRC: developers love it, others, not so much.

We need enterprise services. Companies have money! Think about enterprise architectures.

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