Quoting: "In this talk, we will report on where the resistance fails the most and why. Finally, we will make suggestions of where volunteer developers can most strategically focus their efforts to build a world where all can live in software freedom."

WTF. "volunteer developers"? What about full-time paid developers working on free software? What about public fucking infrastructure?

@how Ah, the Schizophrenia of open source.

"Everything is free both in terms of restrictions, copyrights and also money as well because free software should be given away."

"Of course you can make money with free software!"


@dick_turpin Well, that's not what GPL3 and AGPL3 say. That's what appropriation-friendly, patent-friendly, and West Coast corporate propaganda say.

I'm quite bamboozled that this "volunteer developers" bullshit came from the SFC no less.

@how Na, you get it within the FOSS community as a whole. Hell I was having a little spat with FSFE only the other day about how Free Software developed with public money should be released (I suspect?) free of charge. Personally I don't understand that viewpoint. I agree it should be released under the GPL, and it would be nice if it was released without cost but I'm a realist (and a capitalist) and I understand enterprises including people need to see a return on their investment Time & Money

@dick_turpin Except the code developed with public money is already paid for by the public, so it's only logical -- even from a capitalist standpoint -- that it remains a public thing, and why not a gratis thing since it's already paid for.

@how Personally I think the public should see a return on their investment. If we pay taxes so that houses can be built for renting out the return is rent on the property.

@dick_turpin if we work to satisfy the production imperative, then the return for increased productivity should be higher salaries. Wait what was that?

@how I'm going to agree with you, only because I didn't understand it but it looked "Bloody Good" in print. LOL

@dick_turpin the promise of "return on investment" for capitalism (as a society) would be "Progress" and more well-being for all. That's the brightest part of the theoretical premise.

But in reality, as productivity grew exponentially, so did profit, but not salaries. Of course not! Who the fuck would work for a capitalist if they had enough money not to?

And where did the "Progress" and well-being go?

@how Not many people have the balls to go self employed. Nobody ever got rich by working for someone. 😃

@how I wouldn't read too much into that. Bradley M. Kuhn is *the* guy to get it as far as copyleft is concerned. So he might actually mean volunteer developers literally -- developers that are developing stuff in their free time, as opposed to all other people working on the clock on Free Software.

"He is best known for his efforts in GPL enforcement, both at FSF and SFLC, as the creator of FSF's license list, and as original author of the Affero General Public License."

@how I will agree that it's an unfortunate turn of phrase, though, in the context and with all the tension around FOSDEM's sponsors.

@rysiek Honestly I think that Google paid for a number of plane tickets given who is attending both FOSDEM and the CopyleftConf. I find it very sad that our community does not have the means to its ends and must prostitute itself to a company that officially banned the AGPL from its production -- besides being what it is otherwise.

@how oh absolutely. But we have precious few resources, so it's important to choose our battles wisely. I don't think this language in that description is something we need to focus on. I do think we need to support the FSF and FSFE, and Software Freedom Conservancy, and many many others. Including financially, if at all possible.

@how especially since Bradley is *the* original author of the AGPL. So him giving a keynote at a Google-sponsored event can be seen as a nice burn. ;)

@rysiek The only thing I can do right now, financially, is to tell every free software developer to apply to NGI0 funding (every two or three months for the next three years) on "Search & Discovery" and "Privacy-Enhancing Technologies".

A two-pager proposal is nothing to write for the return on investment, so please go for it!

@how oh yeah, I've already sent this to a number of people. Everyone and their dog should apply!

If you're not a volunteer, you cannot strategically focus your efforts, the person paying you does.

@clacke That's plausible. But I don't think that receiving a salary necessarily means you lose agency.

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