implementors please ping me if you have not been invited to the preparation discussion for the AP round table at

boosts appreciated. Direct invitation from people already there most appreciated :)

So bad Framasoft folks are on general assembly during fosdem.
Cause we have 3 (paid) implementors on 3 different projects (peertube, Mobilizon and slidewalker) and had an intern wrote some docs about AP (see lasts slides of for urls).

Maybe next year. Or if anybody wants to talk in our name, we're totally ok with that...
(Yes @how and @bram I'm thinking about you ;) )

@pyg @how (I can consider it but I have a lot of backlog to catch to be at ease with that :/)

@pyg @bram That's very unfortunate indeed. I don't want to put pressure on Bram, and it's a bit difficult for me... Maybe @Natouille would... 🤹‍♀️

@pyg where did you get the list at slide 16 of all AP implementations?

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