I must say that I disagree with both hosts of on the Github acquisition and Google SoC.

Indeed Github was never free, but it was an independent company, now it's in the hands of *the* historical enemy of free software. That's worrying, because alternatives do not really exist. We were too busy enjoying the PR workflow to really think about it. Niche alternatives won't replace the large community there, and most of these people don't care at all about freedom. So it's a loss.


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hosts then mention that Google's SoC is a good thing. No it's not, on two accounts:

1. it legitimizes a mass surveillance company as acceptable because it gives away to free software (but not AGPL, eh)

2. it prevents the free software community from seeking alternate funding, e.g., public funding, that is more appropriate to infrastructure.


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GSoC is a perfect way for Google to keep activists quiet, because of the positive thought that, hey, they give back. Yes, Google also sponsors some key software, but it represents a tiny pile of money they can shuffle to tax savings. The cost/benefit in terms of image is illustrated by prominent free software activists saying publicly that GSoC is a good thing.

Both Google and Microsoft are enemies of free software, because they're enemies of freedom.

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@how It is definitely a loss that so many people in free software don't care about freedom.

(See also: The popularity of permissive licenses)

@CharredStencil Yes, here "permissive" means "submissive to market appropriation". Choosing a so-called permissive license is allowing corporations to restrict further cooperation : granting people the right to restrict your freedom is not permissive, it's masochistic.

On the other hand so-called "restrictive" licenses only restrict other people from restricting your freedom.

We should revolt against the inversion of meaning so prominent in contemporary propaganda. Orwell warned us.

@how I think GitLab is shaping up to be a real alternative to GitHub at this point. It supports the same workflow, has similar features, and even has an option to import GitHub projects. Best part is that it's core is open source.

@yogthos @how hmm "it's core"? I mean, ah well, will just migrate again..

Maybe like fediverse-ize something like that, see little reason it couldn't be done. Instances could also host the git repos themselves aswel.

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