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Reminder: "Annoying troublemaker with fast autofocus and terapixel resolution."

If you come to me with criticism, you're very welcome, because I love constructive criticism and interference.

But please, ensure before hitting "TOOT!" that your criticism actually applies to my arguments, and avoid trying to essentialize my position or attack my integrity.

Thank you.

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@CharredStencil Yes, here "permissive" means "submissive to market appropriation". Choosing a so-called permissive license is allowing corporations to restrict further cooperation : granting people the right to restrict your freedom is not permissive, it's masochistic.

On the other hand so-called "restrictive" licenses only restrict other people from restricting your freedom.

We should revolt against the inversion of meaning so prominent in contemporary propaganda. Orwell warned us.

I got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Of course I did not have a replacement nor any tools, why should I, it only happens to other people, right?

I'm a lucky bastard. One very kind person soon stopped and helped fix the bike on the spot. And he gave us directions.

Sometimes getting out of main roads help us find resources in humanity that our urban mass media online world seems to tell us has disappeared.

My eyes bleed. Maybe if you would use yours as well, mine would stop bleeding.

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@how A new #Plume release is out today with a better installation script, a clear documentation, and ton of user-facing improvements too.

Should be fun.

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@how If we’re going to flatten the power structures that means we have to forgo power when offered and design the sorts of systems where power is distributed as equally as possible.

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Vide-a Game Workshop april 27-28 Brussels:

Carried by petites singularités and Graphoui; these workshops are open to all. They will approach it in the same movement, graphic and narrative creation, programming and
the questioning of usual models of video games.

Around 2 axes, a reflection about contemporary video games, and video game programming with the free software: Godot Engine.

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Atelier Graphoui

Bd Emile Bockstael 88

Access through the carriage entrance of the "144".


April 27 and 28, 2019 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Trying to imagine how all these conversations about and the on Mastodon will end up are conversation starters and collaborative knowledge building on when Discourse has implemented AP...

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Du 6 au 8 mai 2019, l' organise à un Hors les Murs du festival international Jean Rouch de films anthropologiques. Cet événement sera l'occasion de découvrir les différentes productions en présence de leurs réalisateurs·trices.

Une expo photo et une rencontre professionnelle entre anthropologues et réalisateurs·trices documentaires est aussi de la partie.

Infos :

L’ère numérique est l’abandon des corps : enfin, nous avons tout fait, notre maîtrise de la matière est presqu’achevée. Mais c’est ce presque qui nous retient toujours malgré l’optimisme de notre fuite en avant vers un absolu inatteignable.

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The picture does not approach the beauty of this early moon and the sunny art deco buildings

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Thank you to everyone who supported the project and spread the word.

I think 2019 will be the year of next generation fediverse projects like Anfora, Funkwhale, Go-Fed, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Plume, Prismo, Pterotype and WriteFreely. #activityPub #fediverse #federation

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Sacred trees of the Djap Wurrung who have been around 800 years, longer then Notre Dame, are threatened to be teared down for building a road.
No milliards needed, to preserve them, only respect and soul.
The birth tree has seen the delivery of an estimated 10,000 Djap Wurrung babies.

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Where did LibreOffice come from? What happened to its predecessors, and StarOffice? Discover the rich history of the software on our timeline!

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Bon maintenant que l'incendie est passé. Un taff intéressant de la quadrature à lire sur la mairie de Saint-Etienne.

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