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Reminder: "Annoying troublemaker with fast autofocus and terapixel resolution."

If you come to me with criticism, you're very welcome, because I love constructive criticism and interference.

But please, ensure before hitting "TOOT!" that your criticism actually applies to my arguments, and avoid trying to essentialize my position or attack my integrity.

Thank you.

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@CharredStencil Yes, here "permissive" means "submissive to market appropriation". Choosing a so-called permissive license is allowing corporations to restrict further cooperation : granting people the right to restrict your freedom is not permissive, it's masochistic.

On the other hand so-called "restrictive" licenses only restrict other people from restricting your freedom.

We should revolt against the inversion of meaning so prominent in contemporary propaganda. Orwell warned us.

I've had enough with the icon showing a passive person, so I gave it a shot.

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In #Iran we are suffering from two fronts: "third world"y Iranian state that filters and the "first world"y #US state that sanctions.
Many websites and servises are not accessible without proxy and in some cases, just for being Iranian, we cannot use their services.

This situation shows that how cooperation of states and proprietary software owners can be against humanity and why we should avoid proprietary solutions.

Migrate and contribute to #FreeSoftware ASAP

Unfollowed @davduf for RT'ing. There are still 2 of him on the Fediverse.

Starting now, I will unfollow anyone who "retweets". If I were interested in Twitter, I would use it, thank you.

For hire: happy to be useless anywhere.

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Alors c'est toujours celui qui salit qui doit nettoyer.....
hum... its always the person who hum soils who should clean... well..

Audrey Vernon and Giorgia SInicorni have a message for Warren Buffet, in case information about the explosion of his plant didn't cross the atlantic.
Please boost US boosts particularly appreciated.

Audrey Vernon et Giorgia Sinicorni ont un message pour Warren Buffett

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Code is Politics.
With freedom comes responsibility.
All actions happen in situation.
Don't say 'bottom-up', say topless.

When in doubt: fork!

This is software freedom, our way.

Technical advisory: sensible content.

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Last remark about the grant: Sent a mail to the webmaster.
#a11y Find it really cruel that blind people are never informed about "max. 1200 characters" -
no labels, no "maxlength", no aria etc.
Really wondering if blind people put in theit 10.000 characters if they know at least what is wrong …

So, as I said last week, I'm working on my own expiration. This might be my last toot, as I experiment with multiple accounts and the CLI, thanks to the nice toot client by @ihabunek.

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Good morning .

So we were down for a whole week on Global Climate Strike. This was an interesting experience that provoked some changes in our relation to this and that... Stay tuned for more changes today.

One of them will be, as anticipated, the fading out of this personal account in favor of more collective accounts, where ideas can take precedence over individualization. Fuck the cult of personality.

There will be more...

Did I write my crontab well? We'll see if this service disappears at midnight, and comes back in a week, all without (any more) human intervention.

depuis le début de l'été mais on n'a toujours pas touché la personne qu'il faut pour le collectif .

Rappel :

Si tu es intéressée par une expérience de développement communautaire AGPL en Rails 6 API-only avec des autorisations à base d'OCAP pour des agents collectifs, des synchronisations de bases de données distribuées, des communs de géographie humaine et une charte ouvertement anticapitaliste :

One thing I have to offer to the radical community is the NEALO.GY domain and associated VPS, e.g.,

I envisioned some kind of historical project that would turn the white male narrative upside down. But I'm not the right person to run this project.

If it's not taken today, both the server and domain will go. Of course it has to go to a radical collective of women and/or non-binary people.

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