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was overall a wild success, although I would have preferred some more preparation for collective action. I think this meeting was needed, reinforcing community links, and also confirming the purpose of TransHackmeeting.

THK community is certainly one of the nicest and safest, as well are most mixed I've ever seen in the hacker scene.

Trouble with trouble is what troubles me.

I am shocked that the session on consent and data capture had to be canceled because someone moved the talk to somewhere else without reaching out to any of the interested party.

I am shocked that a white male sitting at the assembly "feel[s] excluded" because a woman asked to audio-record an assembly to share with other people who do not have the privilege to sit there.

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Ok, so, can we shout on browsers to bring back the "Subscribe to RSS/Atom feed" button in/near the URL bar?

I mean, clearly people are still using RSS/Atom. And they get annoyed they cannot find an easy way to subscribe.

Hacking the territory in coop tent

Upcoming: 3TS Brainstorm @ Workshop

Yesterday we introduced the intent of the Third-TechnoScape workshop to produce a reader with theoretical references from the feminist, revolutionary, quantic & transindividual currents across disciplines, to nourish the reflection of technical, social and political activism and the resistance to colonial, capitalist, 'liberal' thought.

last night at Infopoint before the storm. Tip: Sun is back.


"Defending from the State by being a society."

"5%is the fight is against the enemy, 95% is against ourselves."

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RT @gardellajoe@twitter.com: @wilw@twitter.com Here's a counter, maybe not a solution.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/gardellajoe/status

@taziden need the network bridge: packet loss is ju·t to· m··h

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There, node submitted for #thk #transhackmeeting !

Guess about what?
About my hobby for about a year now : state-mandated censorship on Internet access providers.

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>>> Installing (7 of 308)

on a bench, wireless with 4G. Ain't this what we wanted: wireless Internet in the Sun?

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Déclaration de : proces-ecrans-ttgo.be/declarat

Le 5 septembre débute le procès d'un jeune bruxellois poursuivi pour détournement d'écrans publicitaires dans le cadre des mobilisations contre les traités de libre-échange et

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Rockstar is a dynamically typed Turing-complete programming language.


> Mainly because if we make Rockstar a real (and completely pointless) programming language, then recruiters and hiring managers won't be able to talk about 'rockstar developers' any more.

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“We are very happy to announce the next Eclectic Tech Carnival, a feminist tech skill-share event. The /ETC is a gathering of people*, who critically use/study/share/improve everyday information technologies in the context of the free software and open hardware movements.”
8-13 October 2018
XM24 – Bologna, Italy