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the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

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The Call for Participation for the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019 was published 🎉 It would be great to receive proposals from a diversity of people.

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discovers that the data released by under non-free formats (.xlsx, .docx, .pptx) is actually WRONG: they do not mention Drupal, which runs the very site where the files are served from. So you cannot rely on this "delivery".

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🇮🇹 Lucano, le maire italien qui accueillait les réfugiés, condamné à l’exil - courrierinternational.com/arti

> Le maire Domenico Lucano n’est plus assigné à domicile, mais il lui est désormais interdit de résider à Riace. Le sort de Lucano – et de son village, connu comme un modèle de l’accueil des réfugiés – suscite de vives réactions en Italie, dans une société très divisée autour de la question de l’immigration.

Dingue. Vraiment dingue.

#italie #Lucano #Riace

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« Changer le monde, un octet à la fois » : l'asso @Framasoft - qui ne vit que de vos dons - clarifie ses positions et ambitions, annonce quelques projets (dont PeerTube v1.0), et vous invite à soutenir ses actions.


#Framasoft #contributopia #PeerTube

Why would publish the "free software inventory" report in .xlsx 😟

`RAILS_ENV=production tootctl media remove`

Removed 72683 media attachments. It's 18GB.

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The European Commission has published their Free Software inventory yesterday. It is interesting to see that 99% of desktops have Firefox installed. But the 98% of "Info-Zip" installations are actually even more interesting. They demonstrate exactly what the purpose of the #FOSSA project is: to show how much we rely on Free Software in our #infrastructure. That is why the EU must contribute to Open Source. juliareda.eu/fossa/

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We've just released #ForkAwesome 1.1.5 with icons for @inkscape, @matrix, @pixelfed, #Syncthing and 10 others.


Wishing a happy launch day to #Pixelfed on 17th.

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100 heures de travail par semaine, pendant plusieurs semaines.

«On vous fait comprendre que vous avez de la chance d’être dans le jeu vidéo, principalement parce qu’il y a une liste sans fin de jeunes diplômés naïfs prêts à prendre votre place.» lemonde.fr/pixels/article/2018

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#TWIF #25 just went live!

Read about Tor Browser arriving in the Guardian Project repo, our enhanced @matrix room and our newest beta mirror:


Also covers 11 new apps including #Manyverse(!) and an earth-shattering 114 updated apps!

Watching `tootctl media remove` free up gigabytes of disk space...

@Chocobozzz J'espere que tu viendras presenter au FOSDEM dans la devroom decentralisation et vie privee.

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