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looking for a "learning pal" somebody to get together 2 h per week to tinker with R Markdown
Have a look , i find this very interesting,

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Avoir un compte en #banque est en gros obligatoire pour un adulte en Belgique et on finance toutles continuellement ces institutions crapuleuses. Si on veut arrêter ça, il nous reste 8 jours. On finance un bon coup #NewB, puis on les dégage.

Just joined for the first official outdoor swimming expedition in Brussels by Pool is Cool

Next culture Culture meetup in happens June 28! Edgeryriders want to map strategic access to underused spaces in the city - a small piece of a huge problem. Come help?

@agnez looking for people who are thinking about media cooperatives and coop model in general. would be nice if you can connect me to your friend👍 😜

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Any recommendation for a mobile operator in Belgium? I want it minimalist and simple with a lot of data.

Tired of problems and complexity (see )

Draft personal post presenting the homebrew website club chapter. @rmendes can you see it?

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Appel à projets visant
à soutenir des actions-pilotes d’apprentissage du codage menées au sein des écoles bruxelloises. Can we maybe include here mastodon instances for kids training? @rmdes

having troubles trying to cross post from mastodon to twitter using @how

Hey. Any mobile apps you recommend to work with our instance? @how

Not having a dedicated profile on social media platform. Other ways of reaching out?emails newsletters: activity pub . streambot. @manetta

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